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27 Million More Americans Have Health Insurance,
and the Strain on Providers has Never Been Greater.

Amid the uncertainty of the American health care landscape, the George Washington University School of Nursing is steering the policy debate toward a focus on patient-centered care from the heart of Washington, D.C. with an emphasis on the value of the nursing perspective in policymaking. We aim to advance policies that address workforce shortages, gaps in care and the needs of underserved populations through education, practice, research and advocacy.



This is a transformational time for nursing, health care and higher education. The faculty at GW Nursing are proactively leading programs and initiatives that address the gaps within our health care system, focus on care across the life span and keep students ahead of the curve for years to come. Advanced practice nursing specialties include:

Acute Care

Adult-Gerontology Acute Care NP


Primary Care

Adult-Gerontology Primary Care NP


Family Care

Family Nurse Practitioner


Mental Health

Psychiatric Mental Health NP


Dean Jeffries in the Simulation Lab

Executive Director Mary Jean Schumann and co-directors Diana Mason and Barbara Glickstein

Through its new Center for Health Policy and Media Engagement, GW Nursing is walking the walk when it comes to health policy advocacy. Led by Executive Director Mary Jean Schumann and co-directors Diana Mason and Barbara Glickstein, the center is becoming the premier source for educating future nursing leaders and steering the debate toward a focus on high-quality care.





Dean Pamela Jeffries

Pamela Jeffries, PhD, RN, FAAN, ANEF

Dean and Professor of Nursing,
George Washington University

"Nurses have a unique perspective on how health care policies affect patient outcomes, and it’s easy to lose that perspective in the policy debate. We want to steer the conversation among policymakers back to how best to improve the health of our patients and the communities we serve."




Ashley Darcy Mahoney
As a Macy Faculty Scholar, Dr. Darcy-Mahoney is changing the thinking on children’s mental development


Dana Hines
Dr. Hines’ research is improving how we care for underserved populations living with HIV/AIDS.


Kim Acquaviva
A Health Professional Leadership Award winner, Dr. Acquaviva provides a roadmap for LGBTQ inclusive care.


Janice Hoffman
Janice Hoffman, associate dean, wrote the script for medical-surgical nursing in her STTI award winning book.


Dr. Asefeh Faraz & Ed Salsberg
Their research illuminates how Nurse Practitioners are uniquely positioned to address the care gap.


Maritza Dowling
Biostatistician Dr. Dowling focuses on Alzheimer’s disease in women through a $10.8 million, five-year NIH-funded study.


Ellen Kurtzman
Dr. Kurtzman's research studies how state policies affect delivery of care.


Kathleen Griffith
Kathleen Griffith’s research illuminates how nurses are uniquely positioned to address the care gap.



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100 percent of graduate courses offered online



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